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Tidy Diner
"The Only
Seed Recycling Bird Feeders"


  • Saves Money--Reduces seed costs 80%.

  • No Mess--No rotting seed ground mess.

  • Safety--Birds don't eat off the ground where preditors are.

  • Health--Birds don't eat rotten seed off the ground that is filled with disease organisms.

  • No Rodents--Eliminates food source for rats.

  • How it works....When feeding, birds toss many seeds before they select one to eat. The tossed seeds are caught in the rain-protected lower basin. Birds generally turn away from the feeding port to eat the few seeds they select for diner, and the empty hulls fall to the ground. When the feed chamber is empty, you will need to remove the plug and drain the captured good seed and return it to the feed chamber

    To Order...Please take a look at our feeders by clicking on the feeder types on the left side of this screen. If you decide you want to purchase a feeder, please call Dave at 503-939-9491 or 800-524-9251 (toll free). He will take your order.